Wanda’s Mission

The mission of my financial practice is to help business owners and individuals identify their long-term financial goals and help them prepare and implement a logical, systematic strategy for achieving and protecting those goals, whether that’s reliable life insurance, long-term care planningcollege funding, or retirement planning.

Most people have a goal of retiring one day or having the freedom to keep working or not have to work at some point. My objective is to help my clients be financially free to make those choices on their terms, not be forced to make decisions because of unintended consequences and factors beyond their control.

The process I use is to first identify where they are at this moment in time, where they want to be, and when. Then we go through a process to help them identify a financial strategy that would help them achieve those goals, and that strategy evolves as their life circumstances evolve and change throughout their lives.

Because we can’t control all the circumstances that affect our lives and our plan, it’s important to review and adjust the plan annually and sometimes bi-annually, depending on the complexity of the plan.