Paving A New Path

Suddenly, Wanda’s career path shifted dramatically. After a family financial crisis, Wanda learned the importance of proper, long-term financial planning and how life insurance and long-term care insurance can impact the lives of so many people.

Wanda’s family’s farm was a partnership between her dad and one of his brothers, supporting two families of fourteen people. When her dad died in 2003, the farm continued running smoothly for a few years, with her mom now in partnership with her uncle. However, when Wanda’s uncle was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, his family made the decision to sell the farm. A conflict of interest arose when Wanda’s mom didn’t agree with the decision to let the farm go, causing family conflict and financial turmoil. In her 70s, Wanda’s mom had to take on a mortgage for the first time in her life to buy them out. After this experience – coupled with an interest in finance and investing – Wanda took the opportunity to join New York Life.