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Obtaining reliable insurance coverage and taking the right steps to prepare for a successful retirement are some of the most important decisions we can make. When difficult situations arise, it is our insurance plans that we fall back on. It is important to plan now so that it is not too late when you need it most. A dependable insurance plan provides peace of mind, financial security, and protects your loved ones. You deserve a compassionate agent and Registered Representative who works with professionalism, integrity, and dedication to you. You need someone who has been in your shoes before and can break down the convoluted jargon of the insurance world. Look no further for a committed insurance agent than Wanda Bastert.




an inquiry

To get started, please submit an inquiry on our contact page. Our team will review and contact you within one business day.



Next, we will schedule a time to meet in person or on Zoom. During this meeting, we will review your financial situation to determine the best step for you.



Once we've reviewed your situation and assessed your needs, we will give recommendations and apply online together.


of Mind

If approved for insurance, you will have the peace of mind of being protected! Because life changes, we will plan to meet once or twice a year to make sure your plan is on track, or make adjustments if needed.

Plan For Tomorrow

A Tip from Wanda

As your life and your financial needs change, so do financial and insurance tax laws that may affect your long-term financial strategy. As a recent example, The Secure Act made significant changes to the rules governing the inheritance of qualified retirement plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Under the new rules, all individual beneficiaries (and certain trusts) other than specific exception beneficiaries are required to fully distribute inherited accounts within a 10-year period. That's why we suggest regular contact with your agent to ensure your plan is still working for you, not against.